Many entrepreneurs in small business America today find themselves managing the sales force – the lifeblood of business success - and are ill-equipped to do so. Longtime sales consultant, Suzanne Paling, provides these busy leaders with the encouragement, advice and tools to successfully hire sales producers and create a high-functioning sales department.

“Suzanne Paling’s easy-to-read style, step-by-step guidance, and numerous checklists, templates, worksheets, and sample letters make it easy to implement her suggestions in a real world environment. As a CEO who still finds himself an 'Accidental Sales Manager' from time to time, this book really helps when I need to step in and provide some corrective guidance.”
—John Eller, President and CEO, InSight USA

About the Book

As principal of Sales Management Services, Suzanne Paling has closely observed interactions between small business owners and their sales forces. Basic management principles rarely work with sales reps and more often than not, business owners have:

Each chapter in the book begins with a vignette that comes directly from the author’s interactions with clients, and takes a sympathetic but realistic aim at the fears, misunderstandings and frustrations that occur in sales environments. Typical sales management dilemmas are demystified through easy to understand examples, charts and worksheets.


Benefit to the Customer